11 in 1 Integrated Components
The First and the Only in the World

1.Limited luxurious and discrete apartment residences
Home for the rich and famous global jetsetters

2.500 suites at the 5-star hotel & resort, one of the largest in Indonesia
The most grandeur in its class

3.Indonesia’s Tallest Office Tower
The symbol of financial prosperity and economic power

4.The largest convention, exhibition, expo, and concert hall in CBD West Jakarta
Up to 6,000 sqm showcasing the world’s best events

5.The largest shopping & entertainment complex in Indonesia
Up to 500,000 sqm of cafés, boutiques, cinema, nightlife, and many more

6.The first and the only International JCI Commissioned Accredited Hospital in Indonesia - Siloam Hospital
World-class healthcare experience through medical specialists and surgeons, advanced medical equipments, and medical transport from helicopters to private jets

7.The largest international accredited, national plus private school, by Pelita Harapan Foundation
The nation’s brightest and most intellectual 1,000 scholars

8.The largest sports country club resort facility in West Jakarta
Designed by #1 landscape artist, Bill Bensley, as ranked by TIME magazine in 2008

9.The first and the only boutique wedding chapel in the sky in West Jakarta
Experience love in the air

10.The first and the only AviantFrench Tonic Jet Spa in West Jakarta
Rejuvenate your mind and soul

11.The first and the only indoor Sea World in Indonesia
Discover and get up-close personal with ocean habitants

 * Future development